Mir Qudus Bizenjo to resign from the Speakership of Balochistan Assembly

Balochistan Assembly Speaker Mir Abdul Qudus Bizenjo told the media reporters that he has decided to resign from his position as speaker of Balochistan Assembly this Monday.

News of his resignation from speakership was first shared on his twitter account which was

Mir Qudus Bizenjo told the media reporters that he would prefer serving his people as a member of Balochistan Assembly and that would give him a better way to serve his people.During the last few months of previous government, Qudus Bezinjo had a major role in toppling Nawab Sanaullah Zehri’s government.

After the no-confidence motion which was tabled by him, Balochistan government was toppled. Bezinjo then served as the chief minister Balochistan for six months.

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