Thou waved bye!

By Ali Jan Maqsood

Time stopped!

The clouds cried,

Earth mourned,

The sun disappeared of my day,

And moon is covered,


I fail to witness anyone around me,

Howbeit, your face still refreshes my mind,


The physical thou is far away,

Why so rude?

Forgot thy elder brother like the rest!

Or any compulsion unveiled to me?

Your last smile teases me till date,

Compels my tears to drop out,

In thy remembrance,

Not very far from thy ally,

But in that lonely graveyard,

Our dwelling!

Asked many people about it,

And my vociferation there!

I just smiled,

Waved my hand bye,

Like thou did in thy last day!

(Dedicated to my little angel (sister) who no longer is with me)

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