Gwadar: Government initiative pushes fisheries to the brink

Life was good for the fishermen of Gwadar – once upon a time, they were the wajas (chiefs) of Makran Coast, when the sea teemed with all kinds of fish, they could barely heave the full nets onto their boats.  

But now, they spend their days protesting for their right to the sea. This “World Fisheries Day” when the world celebrated, Gwadar’s fishermen gathered at the (Deemi Zir) East Bay. This is where they had lived and earned for centuries but now their lives and livelihoods seem to be toppled.

On 23rd November, the fishermen of Gwadar gathered at East Bay, protesting East Express Highway that is soon going to block the coast for up to 4.5 kilometers. They had raised the issue several times before in the last two months and came up with few demands which have not been addressed yet.

Previously, illegal fishing by large fishing trawlers from Sindh have been a huge issue for the fishermen of Gwadar. For the last 15 years,they had protested to have the trawlers banned from Balochistan coast, but they were hardly heard. And now, East Express High Way pushes fishermen’s work to the Brink.

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