Life of a girl in patriarchal society of Balochistan

By: Sadia Badini

I have lived and grownup in Balochistan and throughout my life, I felt as if we live in a male dominant society where every second woman is suppressed not by others but by her very own family members. She lives a life where even to take a breath, it needs permission.

In many ways, women are made totally dependent on their male family members. Whether they want to get thing or go somewhere, they would either need to ask a male family member to get what they need or escort them to go only to some selected places.

From little to big,her every decision is not hers. Even education is controlled by the men. Whether she will have the opportunity to study or not. In rare cases, if she gets the opportunity, what she would study and where, all these decisions are often taken either by fathers, brothers or uncles. Before marriage, her decisions are properties of her father and brothers and later these properties float to the husband and sons.

It happens a lot that some of our well known Balochs have a lot of regard and appreciation for other women but when it comes to the women of their own homes, they totally neglect and suppress them. Outside the home, these men bravely admire women who take stand for social change and gender equality and often condemn violation of rights of women but sadly, what they condemn outside is, in reality what they practice at home.

Since women share the same human rights as men, they also deserve to live their life as they want it.They too have hearts that often get hurt for having their dreams smashed like they mean nothing. But sadly, each time a woman think of taking flights of freedom, she is reminded of her gender, of who she is and who she belongs to.

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