Gwadar: Fishermen reject government suggested underpass model of East-Express Way

A model of an underpass that will be constructed along the East Express Way was showed to the fishermen by the Gwadar Port Authority and Chinese Authorities this Sunday.

The 20 feet wide underpass model was rejected by the fishermen. They demand for 200 feet wide underpasses and few breakwaters for safe berth of their boats.

The federal minster for Defense Production Madam Zubaida Jalal, Senator Kauda Babar, Director General of Gwadar Developing Authority Dr. Sajjad Baloch, Chinese Authorities and officials of Gwadar Port Authority were present at the event with the local fishermen of Gwadar.

During the last three months of the 2018, the fishermen of Gwadar protested for their demands which also included three underpasses 200 feet wide each. After the government authorities assured to have all their demands accepted, the fishermen called off their strike. However, as for now, the fishermen did not accept the model showed to them by the officials.


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