If Tomorrow Comes

By: Shakeel Phullan

The shiny sun always disappears

Inviting the night with a moon and stars 

Beautifying the sky entirely 

Beauty of Nature, shining decorations  

Seems as if lost in imaginations Truth about each creation  

Everyone feels pleasure silently 

Letting their tiredness to move away  

Consideration of being half-dead 

Midnight’s dreams peek up for invitation 

In the ocean of anticipations  

With prevention of whole tensions  

For inspiration of each generation  

To love each and every creatures  

With building up firm concentration 

For protection of natural production 

Continuances of new introduction 

Appreciation of handling the situation    

In the universe of night’s duration

It is the appearances of dark nature,  

Without revealing any information 

Proving everything with conformation

Everyone knows about truthfulness 

That everything happens only today, 

Nights turn into days, days into nights, 

Inviting the sun and moon with stars 

Everyday is today and tonight 

Convert your dreams into realities today  

Free your love and respect for all 

Me who always alive for cooperation

Staying alert to support every creature 

Involve in bringing specialization Ouch!

A sudden pain always hits me  

Changing my impression into confusion 

Questioning me confusable questions  

Why only today exists, not tomorrow? 

What happens next, if tomorrow comes? 

 If tomorrow exists and Comes! 

Who exists for welcoming it?    Me? You?

If not then who? Need to think deeply with meditation! 

Alas! Tomorrow never exists at all! 

Everyone misses the beauty of nature,  

Today or Tonight, not Tomorrow! 

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