Moving atom-bombs: Buses that take lives everyday

By: Mahpara Baloch

Last week, almost thirty people burned to death when a Panjgur-bound bus collided with a truck near Lasbela Cross. After the collision, both vehicles caught fire and destroyed within a few seconds. The passengers on the bus including women, children and men were all burned to death and their bodies charred beyond recognition.

Not all died at the exact moment after the accident, according to the officials a lot of people were injured and many were in serious condition but unfortunately due to lack of ambulances and fire brigades, many people died screaming for help.

No one is yet sure about what caused the tragic accident but since it is the the first time when such an accident took place on this same road that has previously taken hundreds of lives. Yet, the government does not seem to take any major steps to stop these deadly accidents.

Part of the reason is having a one-lane road in which there are more chances of collision. Secondly many of the buses such as the one collided with the truck was carrying Iranian smuggled oil which caused a huge fire after the collision. Even after having so many check-posts all through the road from Panjgur to Bela, the illegal oil smuggling is not stopped or perhaps there is some dealing, but who cares. While one cares about money, the other cares about their share in it and in between innocent lives are taken. Thirdly, when such accidents do occur, there is hardly anything to save the injured to avoid more loss of lives. But again, there were only few ambulances right after the accident and there was only one fire-brigade in entire Bela. Until it reached to the place, most people were already burned to death.

Of course, the government seems serious now and is taking some steps like banning the oil smuggling but such steps have been seen previously as well and just after some time, things got be the same again. Death of only one family member destroys entire families, it is truly hard to imagine what the families of the victims are going through right now. Government has to take major steps now and stick to them so that not more lives are taken again.

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