Water conservation and pollution

Danish Hameed

Of Course, No water, No Life! In reality we can live without food for three to four days a week, but we can hardly survive without water for two days. Water is essential for life on earth. To sustain life, a human being drinks several liters of water daily. The Indus water Treaty: The Indus water treaty was signed between India and Pakistan in 1960 to solve the water issue.

Violation of Indus Water Treaty and threatening climatic changes like global warming has taken us on the verge of destruction. We need to save the element of life for whole human race. The Water crisis in Pakistan: The water crisis has badly hit Pakistan from the last few years. I belong to Baluchistan, my province is facing severe drought. People have to walk for miles to get water which is undrinkable and causes life threatening diseases like hepatitis, gastrointestinal problems etc. 

Lives of our innocent children are at stake. Our infants lose the game of life. Life is a tale of misery and pain without pure water. Every human needs pure water to sustain his life. Apart from drinking, we use it for cooking, cleaning, purification, hygiene and to live a healthy life. Our Earth has been deprived of its beauties, green fields and crops. We need water for sanitation and industry. 

Let’s see; 69% Water for agriculture, 23% Water for Industry, 8% water for Domestic uses. My heart sheds tears of blood at man’s cruelty and selfishness. Water is being polluted by human activities. We throw garbage into seas and river. We throw shopping bags and plastic into rivers polluting water and destroy marine life. I plead to the whole mankind to wake up from slumber and save the environment and one of the basic elements of life example, water. There are many ways to preserve water such as; take shorter showers and don’t fill the bath tubs, fix the leaky taps and toilets, turn off the tap when you are brushing  your teeth, install water efficiency devices and use dishwashers and washing machines only on full loads. 

Don’t forget that a dripping tap can waste 30-40 thousand liters of water every year. Can you imagine how much it is? It can quench the thirst of many thirsty and miserable children. Your heart will shudder to know that only 3% of earth’s water is fresh and out of which 2% is in frozen state and only 1% of earth water is drinkable. So, please think before wasting water. Start conserving water for the future and build dams to conserve water. Think about the innocent children, our new generation. Don’t let them suffer. If we don’t start now then we will never make it. For better future and for better generation, let us all start conserving water.

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