“Helping Hands” making a difference in Balochistan

By: Sadia Badini

As health is an important sector and a basic right of citizens, government of every state is responsible to provide basic health care facilities. However, when it comes to Balochistan, people here are facing numerous issues in terms of healthcare not only because Balochistan is going through multidimensional poverty but also because it is lagging behind substantially in terms of standards of living despite having lowest population.


So when there is lack of government provided healthcare facilities, people either have no option left or those who can afford prefer private clinics or hospitals. But not everyone can afford their fees and the lists of medicines they prescribe.


For the people in the far and flung areas of Balochistan there is hardly any doctor or hospitals. If there are hospitals, there are no facilities available. On the other hand, people in such areas have very little awareness about their health and taking care of themselves. Hence, in such situation, an organization named “Helping Hands” Bolan Medical College (BMC) being run by Dr. Sherzaman Manodokahil.


Helping Hnads is playing a vital role throughout Balochistan. Their basic aim is to serve all those needy people who are suffering from different health issues. So far according to their volunteers, they have organized 12 to 13 different medical and surgical camps in different districts of Balochistan helping more than 80,000 patients.


The team of Helping Hands was the first to introduce and invite Silani Welfare Trust in Balochistan and since 2016 Silani Welfare Trust has worked in Quetta providing food to the needy by the collaboration of Helping Hands BMC.


Both organizations have so far together organized several awareness sessions in different educational institutions. For a better environment, Helping Hands BMC has also planted about 7,000 to 8,000 tress in Quetta.


According to General Secretary of Helping Hands BMC, Mudasir Abro, with the coordination of Helpers’ Hospital management, they have started the mission of coronial transplant which is successfully going on and their next project is to provide bone marrow transplant free of cost.


Being the only organization in Balochistan to provide help to the needy without any government support, Helping Hands has made a remarkable progress and raised the hopes of thousands of people. To be able to continue this support, this organization needs more volunteers and more financial support from people as well as from the government so that this caravan of unconditional help continues to make a difference in lives of those who need it the most.



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