Unemployment in Balochistan

By Munaj Gul Muhammad

Undoubtedly, Balochistan faces a multiplex serious problems, with unemployment being the most significant one. Despite being the largest province, it is the most deprived and underdeveloped region. The province is confronted by a number of issues including terrorism, insurgency, poverty, inflation, unemployment, corruption and illiteracy and therefore is the most backward province.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics data the unemployment rate in Balochistan is high. The main reason for unemployment is lack of awareness, poverty and lack of attention by federal government and poor education system.

According to a report, each year nearly 25,000 people graduate from Balochistan. Unfortunately, hardly around 2,000 of them can secure jobs.

However, the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Sun Weidong during an interview said, “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would  bring an end to unemployment in Balochistan, making the province a major beneficiary of the multi-billion dollar economic development project.” But the statement seems like a buried dream to come true, because most the politicians are not paying any heeds toward the elimination of unemployment in the province.

Unemployment is a deep-rooted issue which exists in Balochistan and in the richest province of Pakistan there are more than three millions people who are unemployed in this present moment. Although, the province has the highest number of poor people which is 48%-51%.

In Baluchistan 90% of people are literate, but still more than half of its population is unemployed. It, too, is shocking that more than 25,000 people can be graduated from Balochistan among them only  2,000 can be able to get occupations.

Even though, in the province, half of the population cannot earn $1.25 per in a day and more than 63% person are wandering here and there to find a job to earn money, but political leaders do promise that CPEC will bring changes.

Almost 14 percent of our youths aged between 15-24 years are unemployed. There are approximately 25,000 professions in a modern economy, while in Pakistan hardly a fraction of these professions have been tapped. This is very dangerous that more than thousands of young girls and boys are holding their master’s degrees but are without jobs.

Therewith, the recent announcement of 20000 vacancies in the province seems an opportunity for the graduated students of Balochistan, but without the will of the state the eradication of unemployment is impossible.

Siraj, a graduate student of law states, ” Most of the students of Balochistan are doing their graduation from different colleges or universities from diverse parts of Pakistan but unfortunately, out of 500 students may be 30 or 15 can get an occupation.”

Further he added, “There are lots of  causes of joblessness, the youths, who have done their graduation, are still jobless, they may become drugs addicts or victim of drugs or involved in ominous activities like, muggers, killing, beggars and much more.”

As a result, the government must end poverty, corruption and unemployment in Balochistan and educate its youths to enable them take part in the development of the province. forlornly the province has been confronting the manifold challenges since its beginning but still those pros-and-cons of the province remain unresolved.

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