By: Munaj Gul Muhammad

We are all aware how libraries are important as a source of knowledge providing a space to develop reading habits and developing an overall positive environment. In most parts of the world, libraries are considered a crucial part of every school, education institution and community hub. However, like every other facility, most districts of Balochistan are deprived of libraries. Tump, a small town of district Kech is one of the disadvantaged places where students are craving for a reading space and books but there is hardly anyone to help.

Shahjan, a student based in Tump Tehsil, always desires to study in a library in leisure time , but studying in a library merely remains a dream for him. In the region, establishment of a single public library has never been in the consideration of a single leader. Although, the students do wail to get the opportunities to acquire advanced education, but that seems a far cry.

Anyhow, during my recent visit to Nazirabad, I came across a young student and asked what difficulties he faces as there is not a single public library.

” To be frank, we (students) are born to be in the chains of troubles, since our representatives do know the importance of establishing a library, but they never bother themselves to dispense us the needed facilities. Libraries play a crucial role for the students to read and prepare for any subjects and is a brilliant source for the promotion of any language, but we are unlucky to have one. ” he shared his plight.

Besides, libraries are the real guide of any underdeveloped society, for in the Libraries collection of books, newspapers, tapes etc are kept for the people to avail them, but regrettably, in most of the areas in Balochistan students are depraved of this basic facility. Indubitably, libraries play a pivotal role in the development of a country and there is no iota of doubt that libraries are needed for gaining knowledge as they change the fate of any society.

Sara, a female based in Kolahoo, laments, ” I dreamed to bring changes in my small society through providing knowledge to the natives. Buoyed by my achievements, I hoped my dreams will yield fruits in future, but due to the current circumstances I couldn’t do what I desired for.”

Further she added, in my native place there had never been a public library for the citizens. Now the students waste their free time wondering in passim but if there is a library, the students would be eager to go to library for doing the needful. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of library not only in some villages but also in entire Balochistan and most of the students are craving to have libraries.”

More importantly, today most of the European countries are successful and have reached on heights of success because they always knew the worth of libraries. And in Pakistan, the citizens are in the dark waiting for the dawn, for the country has failed to provide libraries in each province.

The provincial government has failed to give heed to libraries. When the libraries are created, this automatically will beget good and give birth to new minds.

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