Balochistan: Demanding a Cancer Hospital

By: Munaj Gul Baloch
History witnesses that Balochistan has been contributing a lot for the country’s economy as in recent erstwhile the structure of the province has been shuffled towards advancement, but yet the masses are mourning for the demises of their beloved ones who die without natural deaths.
As in the recent past a large number of cases have been reported in the province; the reported patients do not beat cancer rather they have been beaten to death.
Howbeit, Balochistan has failed to facilitate to establishing a much-needed cancer hospital, since the establishment of the cancer hospital would strengthen the citizens wills and they would  be strong enough to fight the lethal killer all together.
 According to the World Health Organisation, cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and accounted for 7.6 million deaths (around 13 per cent of all deaths) in 2008, about 70 per cent of which occurred in low- and middle-income countries.
As the same, The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that 10 million deaths occurred throughout the globe in 2018 because of cancer and 70 percent of these cases occurred in developing countries.
Additionally, Cancer is caused by tobacco, infectious organism, unhealthy diet and many more. The researchers have estimated that around 148,000 cases were emerged in Pakistan between 2012– 2014 , Pakistan recorded the highest number of deaths rate of breast cancer in Asia.
Balochistan is combating against numerous catastrophic diseases but during past couple of years, the numbers of cancer patients have increased so far manifold families have lost their loved ones.
As cancer has become a serious threat to the people of all ages in Balochistan due to   the non-availability of a cancer hospital across the region. Several patients are diagnosed cancer when they are in third or fourth stage in hospitals outside of the province.
According to a report, “Cancer has ravaged many lives in Balochistan, there were 10,924 cancer patients in Quetta from 1998 to 2009. From 2014 to 2017, 10,000 cases were reported in the city, most of the  victims were women with breast cancer.”
Unfortunately, cancer is also spreading in Balochistan where there are no quality of facilities for the treatment of cancer. The doctors are failed to get the cancer patients well as they are mainly deprived from the needed facilities.
More importantly, the Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to establish a Cancer Hospital. Whenever the promise of Khan would be completed, then the establishment of the cancer hospital would bring a  huge change for Baloch to live comfortably.
Once Prime Minister said, “Balochistan is  rich of mineral resources and only four minerals in the province are considered to be worth of $460 billion.”
The reality is that our politicians never bother themselves to work for the needed issue. In addition, Cenar Hospital Director once said  “Balochistan has a total of 1,500 cancer patients — of which 700 are women — and 800 men. But now children are also suffering from different types of cancer.” Although,  the main reason of the breast cancer is citied late marriage in young women.
More significantly, Hammal Zafar 13 year-old boy, who  belongs to Kech district,  is suffering from blood cancer and his father couldn’t afford the expenses of the treatment of cancer, due to belonging to a middle class family.
In the province, manifold people are suffering from the cancer, but they are unable to get proper treatment in BALOCHISTAN as it lacks the ground-laying facilities.
 Forth-with, recently there was a campaign for donation in different areas of Balochistan to assist the suffering family financially. It is, too, splendid to have the donation for the patients, but at the same time it is very tough to manage the required money and it seems beautiful if Balochistan’s government establish a cancer hospital in the province, but says of dezins only remain unheard in the province.
Consequently, everyone knows how cancer has separated children from their beloved parents and vice versa. As the number of cancer patients in Balochistan had reached an alarming level of 10,000 in three years, medical experts have pledged to construct a cancer hospital in the province, but all in vain, since the provincial and federal government have never desired of establishing the Cancer Hospital in the neglected province.
It is time we question, when would Balochistan get what it deserves? Would the province continuously lose its sons and daughters of the soil just because of a disease that can be cured?

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