Kankar: A Novel about Domestic Violence

By: Eisiyaan Haider

Kankar is a very interesting novel authored by a Pakistani writer who is always in process of winning the heart. Umera Ahmed, being the writer of Kankar, after her books like darbar e dil and zindagi gulzar hai, once again attempted to open the eyes of people towards the pains which women are enduring.

I being a book-worm keep a passion for reading Umera as her complete intention is to highlight the problems of society through novels which are neglected instead of being talked about. Kankar is a genuinely written book where the writer discusses and gives consideration to the issues of  physical abuses that are often carried out to silence women.

This story of book is about sara and Haider who fall in love and want to covert their love into marriage. Nadeema, mother of Haider and with her sisters grow hatred for Sara and do not want her to become a member of their family.

The only reason to not adore Sara is to be an orphan who had no money and property to bring for her mother-in-law as dowry which then grow negative sentiments in their heart for the innocent girl.

However, Sara’s marriage with Haider was in the path of succession where Haider took unlimited promises to be with her and give her unconditional affections with happiness.

But every promise got blind or folded  when changes come in Haider’s behavior for Sara after a month because of his mother and sisters.

He without any hesitations abuses her and beats her. When things get worse for Sara, she asks for separation from Haider. This love relationship breaks down due to Haider as he never realizes his blunder.

After divorcing Sara, Haider remarries somewhere else and Sara too marries another guy but Haider never forgets Sara and remains in love with her after his second marriage. Many years pass by when past starts repeating itself.
One day Haider’s son argues with his wife and beats her.

It os when Haider realises how wrong he was and what terrible he had done with Sara but it was so late to get everything on its place.

The novel was worthwhile to be read as it was completely talking about domestic violence which is a serious issue.
Lives of women are often destroyed because of physical abuse and even after that such issues continue to grow in the society we live.

The writer is a student at University of Turbat.

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