My Memories of Cricket

By: Zeeshan Nasir
Cricket remains a love for many people in Balochistan. I was less interested in it in my childhood; however, my family members spent hours and hours watching it on the television.
One would say, “I bet one thousand that my team will beat yours.” The other would go on with,” It is impossible!”
These matches didn’t lack clamour and vociferation. The shouts rose higher when there was a match of Pakistan with India.
We grew up watching the game. I had a very bad anger on the game since it was the same. Yes, one team lost it and the other won it. I disliked it because all the men ran behind a single ball, some men fetched the ball while the other two men ran back and forth.
Unlike me, my two brothers, Shahjan and Munaj liked the game very much. They played wherever they would put up the wicket, whether it be in the dilapidated grounds, in the rushed streets where usually dogs and street hawkers hastily fought for a space and in the backyards.
I can still recall the  sound of the ball and the running of the feet, scratch and bruises from falling down.
I can to-date see the fading away of the day into darkness as our games continued. Now, I have countless memories related to the game.
Though, I went for higher studies, my brothers are still absorbed in the game, hoping for an illuminated future. I stayed away from the game because one of my school teachers lamented, “There is no future for cricket in Pakistan, specifically for the Baloch.” With the teacher’s words in mind, I still hope that my Baloch brothers would be included in the national team of Pakistan someday.

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