Why is it Important for Women to be Educated?

By: Sana Samad

For centuries world has considered Education as the best tool to improve nations. But unfortunately not all nations and every gender has benefited from education; as for our region very few women have opportunities and freedom to acquire education. Part of the reason is, not everybody is willing to provide these opportunities, not every men in the family, not every policy-maker, not every government as a whole and not everyone in the world government.

We know and believe that it is indeed a fundamental right of every human being regardless of gender but we have created some gender differences or better to say gender discriminatory social values that deny women’s freedom, her freedom to be educated, her freedom to be economically independent, her freedom to contribute to society.

The United Nation Development Program estimates that the percent of male to female with secondary education is 0.502 and public expense on education make only 2.7 percent of the GDP of Pakistan. However, since men have more access and opportunities to be educated, these statistics are mainly dominated by men whereas women are not even one fourth of it.

Now question is, why have we created these social norms and why does a woman not have equal right to education? When they play a crucial role in society as mothers, wives, daughters and sisters, they should have equal rights as fathers, husbands, sons and brothers.

In Pakistan lack of institutions, facilities or opportunities has always been an issues and with scare resources women had to suffer the most. No doubt, women being educated can play a vital role to create educated and developed nations. After all, only educated mothers can create educated nations.

It is necessary to create awareness and to achieve a better result in future, we have start today by educating young girls and making things easier for them. This will further allow women to participate in politics, legal systems, human resources development and important leadership positions. Moreover their participation can also increase the economy of the country to a great extend as more working hands produce more.

Empowering women through education can serve the most powerful tool we can imagine.  A little difference can go a long go; utilizing women’s power, skill, knowledge and competencies is what we need to do now. Besides this, educated women can take up positions in health, early childhood development processes, schooling, human development, nutrition and improve a lot of fields by their input and contributions.

By using the power of education, women can bring a revolutionary change. But the lower rates of literacy amongst women has created a vacuum and a burden on the economy.

Only realizing the importance of women’s education, Pakistan can achieve a lot. The current situation of women’s education is indeed appalling. Mostly people believe that women are just there to take care of their families but it is not true. They too have a right to cherish life and experience what is out there in the world and unfold tales yet to be told. Let’s not be afraid of educated women and continue the process of awareness and change!

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