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Balochistan Review

Balochistan Review is an online newspaper covering Balochistan region through quality analysis in wide range of subjects. While highlighting local issues in news, feature reports, data-driven stories, opinion articles, blogs, columns and letters, Balochistan Review is dedicated to focus on what is best for Balochistan.

Balochistan Review provides coverage on:

  • Society and Culture
  • Women and marginalized groups
  • Economic and Political trends in Balochistan
  • Environment and development
  • Arts, crafts, literature, and social trends
  • Sports, Social and literary events in Balochsitan

Founder and Editor
Mariyam Suleman

Co-founder and Web Manager 
Adil Awan

Social Media Manager
Saba Hussain

Featured Writer
Shamraiza Tariq Azizi

Featured Writer
Farah Naz

Featured Writer
Kiran Baloch

Quetta Reporter
Abida Baloch