Mariyam Suleman

Mariyam Suleman is the founder and editor of the Balochistan Review. She contributes for The Balochistan Point, Pak Voices and Dawn as a freelance writer from Gwadar and holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from the University of Karachi.
She tweets at @mariyamsuleman
Mariyam Suleman

Saba Hussain

Saba manages social media activities of Balochistan Review. She studies macroeconomics at IBA and is currently a student of BS (Hons) in Sociology from University of Karachi . She has also written for HumSab.

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    Shamraiza Tariq Aziz

    Shamraiza is working with Balochistan Review as a featured writer from Gwadar. She is currently a student of M. Phil in Islamia University Islamabad and holds a masters degree in Mass Communication from University of Punjab. She also also written for Haalhawal online newspaper.

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      Hani Pasni

      Hani Ramzan is working for Balochistan Review as contributor. She covers society and issues of underprivileged. She is from Pasni , district Gawadar and holds a Bachnolor's degree in Science. She has also written for the Pak Voices.

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        Adil Awan

        Adil Awan is co-founder of Balochistan Review. He is professional software engineer having skills in development of desktop applications, database driven applications, web applications and so on. He has practical skills in Radio/TV studio designing, sound proofing and installation and has more than 8 years experience in development sector.

        Specialties: Software Engineering, Web development, PHP, Laravel 5, Android App Development, C#.Net, Crystal Reports and All kind of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

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