Everyone Seems Greedy

 By: Shakeel Pullan

My sadness began with observation

Without availing any Cooperation Putting me in depression for meditation

To think about the nation and its generation,

Whether getting progression or ruination  

But cruelty became a major fashion    

To end up every relation  forcing the weak for migration,  

Closure of every location  bringing up only destruction  

Seizure of whole expectations  the occurrence of those all actions, 

Like combination of corruption happening due to misconceptions  Whom?

Snatchers of nation’s property,   Fighting for dominion of everything,  

Only for collection of luxuries Defaming the nation and its reputation

 Hating and killing the humanity  snatching the poor’s rights  

With involvement in dishonest deeds  ruining the concept of equality

In the nation of inhumanity without feeling fear of rustication

As if living in the nation of ruleless to accomplish as more as possible,  

Making the conceptualization to be only greedy, no one appears to assist the poor 

Yet, left in the lunch without attention such differentiation ends up relation and progression,  

Only leave us on the way of ruination need to support and  love the humanity  

Killing the concept of being greedy and selfish 

Everyone deserves justice and equality But greediness hugged everyone tightly  

Yet, humanity is lost in human beings  only deceiving, not believing! 

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