How the village of Kuddan suffers after years of negligence

By: Shakeel Phullan

 Dasht a major Tehsil of District Kech consists of more than twenty villages including Khuddan’ which is has completely been neglected over the years and as a resultit does not even have facilities for the citizens.

Balochistan is plagued with issues such as infrastructure specially with the broken school buildings that await reconstruction. The issue of ghost teachers who pocket salaries and never show up is also a major concern. In many cases, such teachers pay five to six thousand rupees to some college students as their replacement.

Other than issues of education sector, the closure of the only hospital in Kuddan has created difficulties for the villagers. A major reason of its closure is having no doctors. Like the teachers, doctors too do not give regular duties to the hospital.

People in Kuddan are compelled to travel about 100 kilometers to Turbat for treatment which causes early deaths before reaching Turbat specially with delivery cases.

The unemployment and poverty rates are very high. Where people can’t even afford to get three times’ meals due to unemployment, how would they travel to city for treatment, let alone education and other necessities.

In an interview to Vsh News channel, the Youth Action Committee of Khuddan, Dasht (YACK) said “The village has a lot of problems, like schools buildings, closure of hospitals without doctors, lack of water, broken roads which had made life hard for the citizens.” They further added, “The leaders who we had voted for are now representing us in the assembly but so far they had not said a word for us and had not ever tried to solve the issues. Even if there are vacancies for teachers and doctors, no one bothers to announce them and when the leaders areaware of the presence of ghost teachers and doctors, no one really takes any action.”It is indeed the responsibility of the elected representatives to highlight and solve the issues because people in Kuddan too deserve better health care, quality education,safe drinking water and improved infrastructure.

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