My three little wishes

Noorullah Jameel Ahmed

The combination of emotional and intellectual attributes determine a person’s characteristic actions and reactions. Or The essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized is said to be or to relate to the nature.

The nature, which includes natural forces, can not be changed. But casual movements and actions can be changed which are often led by mankind. In terms of ruling a country or politically organize of people under a single government, can be interchanged. I wish I could get a chance to bring some transformation.

To a fairy to grant my “3 wishes” I would demand for three preferences I have. My three wishes which suggest a right way of ruling a country.

My first wish relates to equality in a country.

Equality means the state of being equal especially in status, right, and opportunities under the same principles of a state. The Holy prophet (PBUH) in his last pilgrimage declared that, “all human beings are offspring of Hazrat Adam. No Arab has precedence over a non-Arab and vice versa.” But today’s era lower class and middle class people are neglected in all aspects of life and upper class has the highest status whether it is business, governance, caste, culture and public law and they are ruling upon everything and depriving others of their rights.

On the other hand, gender discrimination is listed among these. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) quoted from Holy Quran and said;”Allah says, “O mankind! i created you from a male and a female and made you into tribes and nations, so as to be known one from other and in the eyes of Allah the most righteous is the most honourable among you.”

My second wish relates to fraternity.

Fraternity means brotherhood or people engaged in a particular occupation. Each of us should have to deal with fraternity to our Muslim brothers. In the words of Holy Prophet (PBUH), who said “A muslim is a brother to another.” In the Islamic state we have to follow this rule. We should feel others helplessness and ought to provide livelihood to those in whose home there is no livelihood. But nowadays it is disheartening that a brother is enemy of his own brother. Powerful people are snatching the rights of poor. That’s Why today in Islamic state people became victims of every kind of discrimination and unity doesn’t even exist.

My third and final wish relates to education. 

Education, which means the gradual process of acquiring knowledge, should be the most quality one. As the time and era elapsed some preferential changes have been reappeared in daily lives of human and we are dealing with unique alterations. Education is a guideline which guides us in every field and circumstances. Before the human passed the wild life and they were deprived of good clothes, livelihood and other needs. Today,if every nation is racing in every field, it is because of education. If humans had not given value to the education, they would have had lived the same life as their ancestors did centuries ago.

My little wishes for the good state or country perhaps exist in every heart and mind but to take real action is a bit tricky I know. I strongly believe that the combination of equality, fraternity and education can really build up a prosperous and a perfect state or a country.

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