Qandeel Gulab

Dalits are recognized as the lower caste people among Hindu. They had settled in Pakistan since the partition but are less fortunate as they are deprived of their fundamental rights. They are often titled “untouchable” because of belonging to a lower caste.

The poor Dalits tolerate a lot more than on =e can imagine. Their girls are often kidnapped and raped by the so-called extremists for converting them into Muslim. By the fear of being abducted and raped by the Muslim extremists the Dailts’ parents forcefully marry their daughters.

According to the media reports, each year 1000 to 1200 Dalits girls are captured to convert them into Muslims. Nonetheless, inflation remains a growing problem amongst the Dalits. Inflation, however, is the process of general rise in the price of a product. It has several Impacts on the nationality of a country forit is the main cause of reducing the savings of the people. Pakistan is intensely victimized by poverty.

Dalits are the biggest victim of poverty dueto what inflation can prove to be awfully hazardous for them. Thus, inflation also generates social problems because of inflation the healthcare price rises too and due to increasement in healthcare prices the poor Dalits become unable to treat their ill children and they die unexpectedly.

 Apart from inflation, unemployment is one more problems putting the Dalits under the bus. According to Royal mandate of the Dalits Development, the total population of Dalits is 7 billions in Pakistan but heartening to utter that as a result of unemployment the 70% of these Dalits are working on farms and the remaining 30% are the owner of small jobs like clerks, shopkeepers and etc. These jobs can’t afford to fulfill their basic needs on behalf of which they suffer from deleterious situations.

Ultimately,the innocent Dalits are also suffering from other problems such as lack of high quality medical accessories, crisis if fundamental needs for instances; food, water, shelter, child labor, child marriage, caste discrimination and most importantly no good and genuine governance which has victimized every Pakistani based Dailts. Although, currently a vast number of Dalits hustled from Pakistan to India.

The Government has not ensured solid steps to solve out the problems confronted by them. Eventually, the problems of the Dalits can only be tackled when there is good and genuine grievance since good governance is the only thing which can save any country.

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