Dasht needs education

Rekkaheerin, is remote village of Dasht which unfortunately is one of the most neglected area. Although the people of Rekkahein are eager to acquire quality education, but sadly quality education remains a far dream for the village as there are almost no opportunities. There is only one primary school and that too does not even have required number of teachers let alone other necessary facilities such as; classrooms, chairs, books, electricity, water. There is nothing which could make it seem like a school.


However, there are 61 students in the school right now with only one teacher. Because of this situation of school may are compelled to drop out when they gain nothing, some who can afford go to the other nearby villages but many continue going to the same school.


Thus, it is my humble request to the government of Balochistan to draw its attention toward this school and provide the basic necessities to the students as they are a part of this province and to contribute to the province, they must get education.


By: Mairaj Mureed

Bal Nigwar

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