Gwadar: RDDC conducts consultation meeting with stakeholders for Sustainable Development Goals

Rural Community Development Council with collaboration with Awaz Foundation conducted a consultation meeting with local stakeholders for Sustainable Development Goals and development of Voluntary National Review this Thursday.

The major objective of the meeting was to get the insights of key stakeholders of district Gwadar on the selected six out of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals namely; Quality Education, Decent Work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, climate action, Partnerships for the goals, peace, justice and strong institutions.

The proceeding of the activity began with providing basic information and historic background of Sustainable Development Goals and their importance to achieving agenda 2030. Major emphasis was given on the selected six SDGs which were discussed by the moderators and basic information about each of the goals was provided to the participants.

Vice-president RCDC Majeed Abdullah talking to the participants

Key speeches were made by the moderators who provided basic information about the SDGs and VNR. The importance of inclusive VNR at district level was also discussed. Participants who were divided into three groups discussed the goals. They were given guidelines by the moderators and were supervised throughout the activity.

Participants raised the question about not having the provincial government specifically Department of Planning and Development involved in the process of developing such a report as they have more information and more accurate statistics about the related goals which were under discussion.

Through the activity conducted, information in accordance with district Gwadar on the selected six out of the seventeen goals was collected which will further become a part of the Voluntary National Review. The participants became aware of SDGs and that they have already been working on few of the goals but were not aware about them previously. Now since they have more information on SDGs, this may make their work more effective. Since, representatives of most of the departments participated in the activity, it is expected that they more accurately identified the key hindrance in achieving the SDGs at district level.

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