By: Sadia Badini
According to the world health organization  (WHO) more than 800,000 people die due to suicide. The reason mentioned by WHO for most suicide attempts is high level of depression. Suicide is also the second leading cause of death. The number of people affected by depression is rising every year.
There are about 750 trained psychiatrists only in Pakistan which means if one psychiatrist for 10,000 patients suffering from mental disorder and Pakistan only has four psychiatric hospitals. According to the president of psychiatric society Dr. Iqbal Afridi, we are having 200 million population and one out of every three persons is suffering from this disease but mostly patients with health health issues are hardly considered patients.
In my point of view, the main reason behind the rising rate of mental disorders is lack of awareness. We can find lots of literature on political issues, social issues and the list goes on but when it comes to mental disorders, we can hardly find anything. We all know how much a healthy body matters, and how much attention we pay on our physical health but when it comes to mental health, even after we know that we are not functioning well, we keep ignoring it and this makes situation worse. In our society, it is kind of a taboo to even talk about mental health and therefore most people keep it to themselves till things get beyond control.
Basically it is a  state of mind which gets total control of human brain and body shattering a person’s phyical and mental heath slowly in a process. A person affected by depression feels that his or her existence has no purpose. They imagine themselves something that does not worth anything. They tend to hate almost everything around them. They may have everything that they need or want, yet they want to escape from their surroundings. They do not want to face anyone else or even their very own self. They lose their hope from life. They imagine life is always in a negative perspective. They feel that the last solution for each problem is their death and finally their depression leads then to attempt suicide.
As in Pakistan, the schools, collages and universities organize different seminars, workshop, and training sessions on different subjects for different purposes for the awareness of their students but very few of them arrange workshops or sessions on depression, anxiety, stress or other mental disorders.
There must be sessions, workshops and seminars on mental health and methods to deal with mental issues. As fro the educational institutions, it is very important that after every three months, every institution must organize sessions for students to learn about such disorders and know that they do not only exist but they also affect thousands of people. Those who are suffering from such disorders, should be helped to heal and live a normal life those who are mentally healthy should be taught to respect people and help those with mental disorders.

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