Tree Plantation can change weather conditions in Makran

photo by Irfan Mehr

By: Rahmat Shafique

Rain is a natural process but it is clear that drought in Makran region is a result of something that is hindering the natural process. As mentioned by the experts, deforestation is one of the reasons but as for Makran, there are hardly any forests to be cut down, so the reason here must be different.

Throughout Makran and beyond, there has always been little rain but not the way it is today. It hardly rains anymore. Plants and animals have died due to the drought. We know cutting down the only trees we have in the region would cause worse situation. So, in these conditions, we should plant as many trees as possible.

Turbat being one of the hottest places of Balochistan, has received very less rainfall throughout the year. Before when there were more fields and more agriculture in Turbat, wheather conditions were also better but now with little rainfall, there is hardly any water to preserve such large fields. This warm weather, less water and lesser agriculture has made life harder for the citizens of Turbat.

Now that few political parties in Balochistan have initiatived to tree plantations plans throughout Balochistan, their presence in Makran and in Turbat in particular will also make a difference. I request provincial government of Balochistan to start tree plantation in Turbat as well.

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