Striving for truth through Journalism

By: Sadia Badini

I am writing this after attending a week-long training on journalism and ways journalists can protect themselves in the midst of censorship, abuses and suppression journalists face on daily basis. Perhaps 2018 was no better for journalists in Pakistan and Balochistan in particular.

I am not a professional journalist, nor did I have any idea what journalists have to go through each day. In this very first training of journalism, I found out how much repression media faces and how much work it takes for one well-researched piece. Since all the participants were from Balochistan, many of them I talked to told me that Balochistan is deeply affected by this increased repression.

While there are numerous problems to write about, sensitive stories to file, not all injustices and issues get that attention by the mainstream media. So, the other way our youth has found is social media, where they post videos captured easily by their mobile phones. This way is effective but not all such videos can be trusted. Hence, good journalism seeks not easier ways, but better ways to highlight issues through cause and effect relationship and it is often solution based.

However, with the increasing frustration with all the pressure our journalists face, it is getting harder to get to the actual facts and causes of issues. Yet, it is very important to continue striving for truth no matter how hard it is. My very first experience made me question myself about that how long it would take us to ensure responsible journalism and if there are ways in which we can avoid hindrance in this profession. I know these are not easy questions to be answered that soon but there can always be some hope with the very few brave voices we have.

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