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Essay By: Munaj Gul Baloch

In Balochistan, government spends a substantial portion of its budget to education, but very little of that money is used in reality to raise the literacy rate.

Education plays a vital role for socioeconomic development of a country. The functions of the educational institutions are to promote the citizens socially and economically-starting the process of change in present to see the progress in the future. This progress has not been much in Balochistan since most of the girls are still out of school.

Sara, one of the primary school dropouts states, “I love studies, but my father won’t permit me to continue my studies. My father says that it is their custom to let girls go out of the home as it can bring embarrassment to the family.” Sara is not the only girl out of school whose dreams have been crushed, but there are millions of girls like her whose dreams never realize and they end up living miserable lives.

According to an estimate, more than 70% per cent of children are out of school and most of them are girls. Many of these out of school children would want to study but poverty and lack of educational institutions in remote areas deprive these children of one of their basic rights.

Hani, another young girl I talked to, wanted to complete her education and become the 1st lawyer in her village, but today she is out of school and working in fields. Her wish for becoming a lawyer remains a wish only.

Banadi, another girl based in Kolahoo is a dropout. She says, “I cannot go to school because I am a girl. If only I were a boy, I would act as a role model for my community, I want to be a teacher to empower the next generation of girls but, unfortunately, I find barriers everywhere.”

While there are many young girls who are not allowed because of social barriers but on the other hand,there are many parents who cannot afford meals for the day, let alone educating their children. And if they are resources to education one of their child, they would prefer a son over a daughter.

Since education is primarily a provincial matter after eighteenth amendment, government of Balochistan is should ensure that every child goes to school and gets quality education. Change is only possible when we have our girls educated so in every part of Balochistan.

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