The forty rules of love: A Book Review

By: Ali Jan Maqsood
As I finished reading one of the International bestsellers, the forty rules of love, I got a firm believe that the things I failed to do were often a lot more easier for me. As though, this book reestablished my self-belief.
Elif Shafak, the Turkish authoress, beautifully evaluated the perspectives of each character in the book which is why I am inspired by her art of writing. More than that, she compared thirteenth century with the current one we are living in. That is just one amazing part of the book and of course, it carries us to a world not seen, or perhaps nor thought of ever.
Besides this, the forty rules of the religion of love defined in disparate chapters of the book as though Shams of Tabriz was articulating each one of them are so relatable even in the present century. Albeit they were determined to be more likely attached to the ancient one. Secondly, she recreates a connection with God we would not have imagined before reading the book.
Normally, not everyone today thinks of God as merciful or the most gracious like the past (Not all), however, He is more than just that: the readers reconnect with God after having an entire journey to the book:
“God never puts extra pressures on us, rather He is well-known of the capability we possess to live in the world.”
Each time they are confronted  by something unusual or get troubled by, we blame God for it, whereas God is forgotten in the time of the blessings. It is, because, each part of us knows well that God is always there when we are in troubles (or I call them tests) which define our love with God so naturally.
Having read the book, I literally feel like I carry a sufi inside me and everyone in the world, too, might have a sufi inside them: not fortunately everyone acknowledges that.
By sufi, I mean the love towards the sole God That has given us a beautiful life to live and think over the wonders He has created for the human beings.
One more important thing I got to learn from the book is, we are not supposed to judge anyone rather the self we have inside us. The act of judging and talking on back of people is hated by God the most, though we give less priority to it while calling us the representatives of religion given by God in the world not really knowing things are on the opposite way.
God, the Creator of the whole universe, is always well-aware of each activity practiced in the world and each idea adopted in the minds of each living organ along with the words unspoken to the world.
The forty rules of love makes us stand by the reality of Who really God is and His teachings really are.
The book is for sure worth reading and crates a strong bonding of love and belief of Allah The Almighty. This is a well-recommended book for those who are in search of God. As a rule of religion of love is “Search God nowhere but inside the heart of a true believer.”
I believe one can be the true believer once have a complete look over the forty rules of love.
The writer is a student of Law at University Law College, Quetta and a former teacher at DELTA in Turbat.

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